Green Edge Yard Services


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Range of Services


Watch your home or cottage

Property Management

Let us watch over your home and ensure it is safe and secure - and potentially looking sharp - for when you return to Nova Scotia.

Flower and garden

Flowers and Garden 

From flowers to footpaths, borders to boundaries, verge to vegetables, accents to...alliteration, we aim to inspire. But seriously, let's incorporate some color and add elements of function and biodiversity to your yard.

Tractor and landscaping

Tractor Related

Having a tractor with a mower is nice, but one with a bucket and 23hp is even better! Before or after the lawn is mowed, we can take care of some other work around your yard.

cutting grass

Lawn Mowing

With walk-behind self-propelled mowers, weed trimmers, and a tractor with a 54" mower deck, we can tackle Cape Breton lawns of any size and shape

Other Services

Design Service

Lean on us to provide more than just a free initial consultation.  It often takes time, a keen eye, and outside-the-box thinking to  craft and implement a plan to take your home and yard to the next level of lovely. A few hours of planning can translate into scintillating - and $avings.

Fall Cleanup

Fall revealing all that needs to be done to prepare for winter and next springs endeavors? Missed the county's Heavy Garbage Pickup and need a trip to the dump? Leaves galore! Help me, the ditch has clogged, and I can't get up! Well, we can help with all that!

Snow Removal

Have SAND (literally and figuratively) and SHOVEL, and will TRAVEL. Happy to keep your steps, porch, walkway, deck, and mailbox free of  Old-Man Winter's dandruff. We  can also coordinate larger snow-removal efforts! Be safe as we slide toward the Holiday Season.

Brush Cutting and Pruning

All that dense brush! How can alders, canes, and knotweed grow so fast and spread so far in one year? With thistle blade or spacing saw, much of that can be whacked down, and carted off.  Hedge, shrub and apple trees need pruning too!